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Who is Wanagig for

Focused on musicians and organizers


It facilitates the creation of a musical event or concert to anyone quickly and concretely.


It extends the possibilities of playing in concerts and events which you would not otherwise have access to.


How does it work

Intuitive, easy and quick to use.

Do you need a musician for your concert or event?

· Sign up quickly and intuitively.
Create a particular event quickly. Focus on what you want and do not waste time.
Review candidate profiles.
Contact only the musicians you are interested in.

¿Are you a musician?

· Create your band profile.
Start receiving open gigs notifications.
Notifications based on music genre, cache or location.
Or search manually with the help of some filters.

If you organize music events in your bar, restaurant, music venue… or simply you need a musician, Wanagig is for you.


More than 400 bands, musicians and DJs waiting to play in your event!



Competitive advantages

What stands out and what Wanagig offers to you.


Unique in the European market.


Easy to use and intuitive.

Direct to the scenarios

It brings musicians to a potential volume of concerts and events to which they can apply.

It simplifies your work

It facilitates the work to the organizer helping in the selection and the discovery of bands for its concert or event.

Other data

More about Wanagig


Now available  for Android systems.


Expansion to iOS systems planned in a second phase.

As a organizer

For organizers of events, always free.

As musician

Enjoy of free applications to events every month. If you spend them, you will have the opportunity to sign up for the offer through a small micropayment.


Do you want to register or more info?

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